This course consists of:

  1. Course book in pdf with best practices for YOu and Your lady before squirting. Setting Your body and mind in "squirt friendly" mood, journey towards squirt and "finishing techniques" to deliver a squirt based also on womans anatomy.
  2. Turtorial movie with manequin and showing of womans anatomy plus instruction manual on how to apply squirt friendly techniques using your body parts, mainly fingers.

Course content

See below what this entry level. course consists of

Preparation to Squirt

This course will guide You how to prepare Your lady to squirt, nutrition is even mentioned, basics on mood and body requirements.

First Steps

Good practices before squirting, understanding of the process and womans anatomy study.

Execution Technique

You'll learn where to touch and where not to touch. Some parts should be pressed, some stroked and some....


Timing is everything :)

This course is closed for enrollment.

It's hard to explain what kind of catharsis woman experiences after squirt...

Sexual fulfilness that comes with squirt is the most satisfying feeling a woman can experience in erotic department. Her whole body&mind become purified, she feels liberated, euphoric and greatful. Become the man that can give her that feeling.